Sex Toys For Teenagers, Really?

Sex Toys For teenagers, Really?

Would you give you’re teenage child a sex toy?

I thought I heard it all until I watched this on This morning Seriously? For a start and for the love of God let children be children.

The individual who decided that this should be really needs to give themselves a good shake, never have I heard of anything so idiotic.

Okay, So our children are at the age of sixteen legally able to have sex, which is all well and good, but do you really think that they are mentally and physically in touch with their emotions?

Children are already growing up way too fast and it’s of my opinion to let them continue to grow and be children, can you imagine ‘Or perhaps we shouldn’t’ You’re daughter of say fourteen is bored with the movie you decide to watch as a family.

It’s ok (Jane Doe) Go to your room if you like and play with your Vibrator? Nah, not on my watch.

I wouldn’t even allow my daughters to bring their partners into our home go to their room and make love to them while I sit in the next room and they are almost 18 and 19.

Another thing, how many parents really want to be sitting their 13-19 year old down and say to them ‘I think you should have a vibrator so that you can experience pleasure’ Neither would any child I know go to their parents to discuss such an issue.

Respect and morals have taken a back seat over the last thirty years or so and we need to get that back, I would never have taken my boyfriend back to my parents home let alone used a sex toy in my room while they sat downstairs.

Pleasure comes with having a partner (Hopefully a long-term one at that) Finding your emotions and experiencing pleasure is all part of the feelings you have for one another, there is plenty of time to be thinking of sex toys.

Can I just add Phillip, no offence but you’re make-up artist has over-done it a little this morning.



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