#Kindle or #Book What’s Your preference?

Kindle or Book

What’s your preference?

A poll last year 2017 Showed that there was a 5% rise in eBook sales which suggested that more people preferred eBook to Book.

The way I see it the scales are never balanced when it comes to preference certainly I prefer a Kindle when I’m traveling one for comfort and two because it just slips into my handbag and doesn’t take up much space.

Books however are definitely my preference in the home, you just can’t beat sitting back in a comfy chair with a book in hand.

I personally think that when Kindle first came on the market it was a big thing to have this awesome new technology but people soon came to realise that in fact a print copy is and always had been the way to go.

So i’ll Keep buying my books especially those I feel will look good on my bookshelf, but I won’t be letting go of my kindle anytime soon, I travel a lot so I really do need to have it tucked neatly in my handbag and kindles are extremely light weight too which is a bonus.



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