Skin Deep #SkinDeep

Skin Deep

Have we really moved on From differentiating between the Races?

It’s a well-known fact that there is no genetic basis for race, it was a label made up to separate us.

Why do we wait until someone is dead before taking action and coming to the conclusion that indeed there is not difference? An example being Martin Luther King Jr.

MLK Jr was killed in Memphis yet it took forty years or more to name a street after him but why did they name that street after him? Was it because they believed in him and wanted to keep his memory alive, were they pressured to do so or was it guilt?

The subject I really want to talk about is the Windrush Scandal I can’t begin to tell you how awful it makes me feel knowing that those who came to the U.K are being treated so badly.

Yes, I get that there have been many who have come to the U.K. since the Windrush who are here illegally, but I blame the Government.

There is one thing that the Government fail to remember here though and it’s high time the stood up and took stock of the fact that for most who came to the U.K. Blood, Sweat and many Tears have been shed.

It was after WW2 the British Government invited thousands from the Caribbean to come and help rebuild our country they had been granted FULL Citizenship as members of the commonwealth.

They took on some of the dirtiest jobs to help rebuild the U.K. not to mention jobs that some U.K. citizens thought were beneath them, what thanks did they get?

Now the Government have decided (In my eyes) We needed them, we used them now we want them to go back.

Well, NO that’s not how it works guy’s sorry to burst your bubble.

The Government say it’s because they cannot produce the documentation to prove that they have a legal right to be here, they are forgetting something, they invited them they gave them full citizenship.

The Government ordered the documentation to be destroyed almost ten years ago. Right? I do wonder why? 

My thought is; concentrate in those who are and have been entering the U.K. Illegally this last twenty-five years or so and deal with the problem of over-populated illegals who are sucking dry the system.

I could go on and on but it would take me a whole day to try to put the world to rights and I’m pretty sure there will be a lot of people out there who might cause a stir if they knew what I thought of this so-called Government and what I think of their shenanigans in that Kindergarten (House of Commons)







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