#Business Matters

When Your Vision Becomes Your Mission

Financial – To have a solid plan for moving in the direction of long-term success.

Running a business should never be for financial gain alone, after all it’s an idea that popped into your head first, right? So the next step is to do your homework.

First and foremost you need to check out what other products/services are out there (The competition) Is there room for you too? So many business start up’s fail within the first year or two because they have gone into it with their eyes half-shut.

Customer – Achieve & maintain customer client base.

It’s perfectly normal to sell your product/service with a vision of long-term success, but you need to know and understand your customers/clients and their needs and wants, after all it’s those very people who are parting with their hard-earned cash.

There needs to be an element of trust between you the business and your customer/client.

Learning & Innovation – Drive company innovation & growth.

New idea’s and practices are the way forward, always think outside the box, be one step ahead and prepare for unexpected pitfalls.

Yes, it happens to the best of businesses, a business must run smoothly, like a conveyor  belt if you like. If there is going to be a breakdown don’t wait for the problem to be fixed, have plan B ready for action whilst it’s being fixed.

Internal Business – Focus on strengths & weaknesses.

Some businesses especially small businesses fail through lack of training and development, your employees are the core of your business and should be treated as so. If they are unhappy through lack of knowledge or unfairly treated then there will most definitely be problems ahead.

Focus on their strengths and weaknesses, hold a meeting at least once every three months, ask them their views and if they have idea’s they would like to put forward. You may be pleasantly surprised by what they come up with and if they are dedicated to their job ‘Which they should be, if you show your commitment to them’ Then your business will run very smoothly.

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