What’s On The #Menu? #Burger That

What’s on The Menu? Burger That!


‘Hunger does NOT feed the soul’  I look back on my childhood years at school and if there is one thing I had to say was my favourite thing about them it was ‘School Dinners’

For those of a certain age I’m sure you’ll remember mince, mashed potatoes and veg. Then of course came the pudding, a slice of caramel cake or sponge with some custard, and sometimes ice cream and fruit. ‘Your licking your lips now aren’t you? Lol

How times have changed 😞 and not for the better that’s for sure so what’s it all for? Well, it doesn’t take the brains of Einstein to know the answer to that now does it?

Yet, here’s what baffles me; The average cost of three meals a day plus beverages at Cardiff, Usk and Prescoed prisons is £1.97 per prisoner, according to Wales Online

Granted this was back in 2015, but you can bet your bottom dollar it’s not much more than that now? Our children’s bottle of water alone costs them around a pound.

Were has it all gone wrong? GREED That’s where it’s all gone wrong, The U.K. Government have been a complete and utter shambles for many years and yet we continue to be fed by their lies and vote them in.

I am a firm believer that our children ARE our future but sadly I see a continued fall not only in the Education System but other area’s too.

A good Healthy HOT Meal for lunch in the winter and Healthy Salad in the summer including a healthy drink and lots of water that doesn’t cost them almost half their lunch money is all that is needed.

The way I see it, the Government have slowly over the years got rid of the second most important people in our childrens lives in school “Dinner Ladies’ & Nurses.

They have replaced dinner ladies with Vending Machines which cost a fortune to buy from.

I’m not saying that dinner ladies are in the wrong here, far from it, however because the Government have set rules and regulations that the Education Board have to follow, there is sadly no money in the pot to prepare the right food for our kids.

Instead they would rather send all our money overseas to pay for weapons and those who work within the Government are living the high life with their TOP NOTCH MEALS, Private Planes and Fancy homes etc.

They have no shame, yet they will allow our children to eat rubbish and for some nothing at all, while prisoners have three square hot meals a day including drinks and that’s not even touching on all the other luxury they have.

It’s time to get their priorities right and put our children FIRST and we have to fight for their rights to have a good square meal whilst in school.

#Hunger causes #Nausea #LackofConcentration #FeelingsofWeakness #SadnessandTears

Our #ChildrensRights #ChildrenMustEat A Hot Meal #HappyChildren Are #EducatedChildren Let us hear #ChildrensLaughter because #ChildrenAreOurFuture







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