#StephenHawkins #lifeonearth Were Theory Meets Truth


Photo Credit: bigthink.com

Were Theory Meets Truth.

First I would like to say what a sad loss to many people around the world; Rest in Peace Stephen Hawkins 🙏🏻🕊 A man who went on to defy doctors after being told he had only two-years to live.

He was and always will be an inspiration to many on this earth, a man who with an amazing thought process in so delivering to us warnings in which I hope will be locked in our minds forever enabling us to make the changes he advised us to take before it’s too late.

But, Were does theory meet the truth? I am one of many who just loves to delve deeper into the unknown and ask questions, we all speculate, over-think and very often come to some conclusion as to why we are here on this earth, how we really got here and so on.

The truth of the matter is we probably and may never get the resolution we want/need.

There have been many predictions made by the likes of Nostradamus, Einstein and also Hawkins.

Some though that have indeed been true and or actually happened, so why not take notice of what Hawkins has advised us? at the very least we will have taken precautions to perhaps stop or at least halt what may be about to happen on this earth.

It’s all good some individuals saying it’s all nonsense, but is it? It’s no more ridiculous that them saying; ‘You watch I’m going to win the lottery tomorrow’

We laugh it off most of the time right? At the same time it could very well happen, it could be a coincidence or it may well be that it was meant to happen.

You know that old saying ‘It’s better to be safe than sorry’  Well, I reckon Donald Trump for one is a leader who likes to take chances.

By pulling out of the ‘Paris Agreement’ he has set himself and many people around the world up for a huge fall and the biggest wake up call.

He can’t say he wasn’t warned, Hawkins made a big enough debate about it and world leaders have made sure that they are doing everything in their power to stop Climate Changes.

Is that enough though? It’s a whole lot more complex than even I can comprehend but like many others I’m trying to educate myself.



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