#Offertory At Sunday Service. Will you offer up your contactless card?

#Offertory At Sunday Service. Will you offer up your contactless card?

So, I’m driving along this morning in a relatively calm approach to the repeat of the usual morning traffic when all of a sudden I hear on the radio that there is about to be a trial at sunday church service of ‘Contactless Card Payments’

Whattttt? ‘At this point I so wish I could have rewound the radio’ Because I was so sure I was hearing things.

However I wasn’t and needless to say I saw RED, Now I don’t claim to be the perfect church-goer in fact I don’t go as often as I should truth be known ‘Shame on me’

‘What are your thoughts on the matter? Personally I think its shocking, Here is what’s quoted by Fr Didier Duverne;  In the Telegraph

‘The parish priest, said: “The experiment is not to increase the amount of donations but to anticipate the future, when people don’t carry money anymore, even for their baguette,” he said. “It amuses me, it’s fun. Our parishioners are receptive of the novelty.”

Yes, It’s true people don’t often carry cash anymore, technology is a wonderful thing, I don’t know about anyone else but it don’t matter if it’s two pence or two pound two pence I will always have some loose change in my purse, jacket pocket or handbag.

I personally think this will put enormous pressure on the parishioners, I mean what about those who don’t have very much money full stop. They, and I have done this in the past; You only have loose change and feel quite embarrassed that it’s all you have to give, so with clinched fist the coins are in your hand then you put them in the plate hoping it makes enough noise to sound like more.

The minimum amount seems to be €2.00 so it’s probably going to be around £2.00 in our money, I’m sorry but as far as I can see this is just another way to earn extra bucks.

Not only that they then can see who is paying what into the church, I understand there are many people who go by the ‘Golden Rule’ e,g Pour some of their hard-earned cash into the church and good on them if they can afford it, but please! Enough already.

‘If this takes off then the plate will be away before we can blink, they say that the plate will still be available, but for how long?


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