The Problem With Social Media

The problem with social media

I love social media as do many others around the world, it’s one of the best platforms for keeping in touch with family and friends, it’s great for sharing those magical moments with family who live miles away or on the other side of the globe.

Here’s the thing though, it’s also being used for subjects such as breaking news, it’s good for business through advertising and missing people etc. 

Now I think that this is a great way to not only know what’s going on in the world but to get it out there that someone is missing in the hope that it is shared and that individual is found.

BUT, We need to be very careful in what we do share, or links that we click because of; Hackers.

The sad thing is this, there are so many genuine people out there who need our help and because of hackers and spam we are reluctant to share any information or help those people in need.

Social Media really need to come up with some new technology that prevents such people from expecting us to share, it’s not only the hackers and the spam we need to be afraid of.

It seems to be a platform for online bullying, when I first joined Social media there were restrictions such as, Age.

It’s so easy for a child of say ten to join social media and enter a false date of birth, so who controls what?

There are groups on social media that are now able to trace and identify online groomers, which I think is great because they are helping the law were the Government has pulled back on resources making it harder for the police to find such people.

Parents really need to know what their children are doing when it comes to social media and online gaming. Yes, but social media and gaming need to up their game and have stricter control of who is doing what.

So the next time you see ‘Please Share’ On your feed, then PLEASE be careful and try to check it out first, if you are unsure then don’t share.

I realise that it’s hard not to share certain things because we all want to help those in need, but hacking and spam seems to be more at the forefront on social media pages, those people will stop at nothing and they are finding new ways to get you all the time.




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