Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

My first blog since leaving the U.K for California, normally I would have put my blog out first thing this morning but believe it or not I’m only just getting over the Jet-Lag.

I’ve been in California for a little over a week now and I have to admit I didn’t crawl out of bed until late morning USA time.

So this is just a short one really because I’m having a lazy Sunday and about to watch Netflix perhaps even have a nap later, I know your probably thinking ‘What, you didn’t get out of bed until almost lunchtime’

Well, those like myself who make this trip on a regular basis will know you never get over the time difference.

So I’m Back in the U.K second week in March 🙁 and although I’ll be a little sad leaving my other home and the sunshine behind, it won’t be long before I’m back, however I’m looking forward to going home to my daughters and my two little dogs.

I will be catching up with mail, doing my reviews on here on Travel, Hotels, Food & Drink I’ll be talking about what I done and where, and including some of the photos I took along the way.

hope you all had a good day it’s 14.20pm here right now and 10.30pm in the U.K so it’s good night from me. 😘


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