My Journey Begins

My Journey Begins.

My journey began really when I left Edinburgh for Dublin were I caught my connecting flight for Los Angeles.

Although I’m still a little Jet-Lagged and having had a full day of rest, I’m already packed for the next leg of #belindatravelstheglobe.

Oh, and by the way it’s 4.48am here in San Diego. I’ve been awake since 2.30am however I now need to make sure I stay away for the drive to Palm Springs.

So for the next two days I will be taking in the beauty of the mountains that are surrounding my hotel, which I will reveal once I have arrived and unpacked.

I hope to do a live feed within those two days but let’s see how I’m coping with the Jet-Lag, after all I don’t want to be on camera looking like a bag of bolts 😉

I’m pretty sure I won’t though, and I’m looking forward actually to what has to come, before I’m on the road again bound for Las Vegas.

Another of my favourite trips when in California, I’ll be taking in two shows while in Vegas, The Australian Bee Gees Tribute & The one and only Diana Ross.

So there will lots to chat about and plenty of photos along the way, now I’m debating ‘should I try to grab an hours sleep or just stay awake?

I think I’ll stay awake, my eyes are wide open not even a nip of tiredness, time for a cup of tea I think.

Belinda 😘

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