PERUSE My New Magazine

PERUSE The Magazine With A Touch of Intrigue


Mag Cover

I’ve briefly mentioned in the past that I am working on an online magazine which I hope to launch next year.

This will be a monthly magazine Beginning January  2019

Right now I’m drafting up some idea’s and plan to upload just a few pages of each Issue (As above) as a sample, this will not only show you some of what to expect but will help me decide what readers are looking for.

There are so many magazines out there covering pretty much the same thing, so I want to do something a little different.

I plan to cover the basics like Travel, Food, Book News, Fashion and other, including Photography, were I will be asking readers to post me their ‘Best Shots’ which will be narrowed down to the top three by me, then I will have a named ‘Independent Photographer’ pick the one which should be featured in the next issue.

There is just so much planned for the initial launch in 2019 including promotions and interviews with some real special people, all will be revealed nearer the time.

Once the magazine Is ‘Launched Monthly’ Your best shot in photography will have the chance to feature on the front cover on various months.

Here is a sneaky peak at the Front Cover Only of this winter Issue, the sample of the magazine will be available to read on PDF in the next week, front cover of this issue was taken by myself (View from my back garden).

Please feel free to leave any comments or ideas, it would be great to get readers views, tell me what you would like to see featured so I have something to work on.




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