NHS Needs A Cash Injection

NHS Needs A Cash Injection

listening to the news tonight about the crisis within the NHS makes me want to scream out loud in frustration.

Why can’t the Government see what we see? Or do they?

It isn’t that hard to fix! Well, is it? The Government would like us to believe otherwise that you can be sure.

I often hear people say ‘Stop Sending Money To Other Countries’ to help them, but why shouldn’t we help them? After all there is actually enough money to go round.

That is if the Government STOP sending BILLIONS every year to fund weapons amongst other things like dipping into the pot to fund their private airplanes, their expensive food bills, holidays and fancy homes some who have more than one and all the other expenses they claim to have (Which of course has been proven by some to be fraudulent)

Sadly the NHS has been in a state of disrepair for a very long time but this last twenty-five years or so have seen them go down the pan faster than crack cocaine. ‘Excuse The Pun’

I have read so many stories of overworked doctors and nurses not to mention the lack of beds etc, and I have my own story to tell.

Almost nineteen years ago I lost my daughters twin, I was rushed to hospital from Manchester Airport covered from the waist down in blood, to be left in a room the size of a cupboard.

After laying there for almost an hour before being seen to then be told I have to go sit in a waiting room full of patients including drunks with nothing more than a blanket to cover my bottom half.

Needless to say my husband had it out with the nurses and told them I was not going anywhere, I was taken for a scan and told that all was ok but they wanted me to stay in for observation as I was at risk of losing my child.

The hospital in question was filthy, I refused to stay I wanted to go back to Scotland, they said no but would have me transferred to another hospital not too fat away.

Four hours I had to wait for an ambulance to take me to the other hospital, by the way I lay in the visitor’s room on the sofa at this point because they said they needed the cupboard I was in for another patient.

Anyway I’m not going to bore you with the rest of that story, but I will say this.

Unless the Government pull their fingers out their backside very quickly not only will the NHS crumble completely, but the U.K WILL become a third world country.

It’s the 21st Century and we seem to be going back instead of forward, what with food banks, homelessness on the rise on a HUGE scale and so much more.




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