A Change Is As Good As A Rest

A change is as good as a rest.

There are going to be several things happening this year which will require me to make a few changes to the overall look of my Website.

One of the changes is to make room for a documentary roughly one hour-long, because of the nature of this documentary and for legal reasons I am unable to divulge any information due to it being of a serious and delicate matter, one which is still under investigation.

However it will be available to watch here on my Website and on You Tube around Sept/Oct 2018.

The changes will take place over the coming week so please be patient and hang in there,  ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’

As an Author/Writer and Blogger I like everyone else who is a learner will spend many months sometimes years trying for perfection, unfortunately it’s very few who manage it, at best we manage to create a reasonable reading platform.

This is one of the reasons my Website like others who have only been in the game for a few short years end up with a little change here and a little change there.

No matter how many times we look at it and think ‘This is it, it’s looks good enough’ We will look at it after a short time and decide to change it again because it just doesn’t look right.

Until we are making ’Big Bucks’ We have to be content with doing it ourselves, because as most of us know Web Developers Are often out of our price range.

I’m still also working on my You Tube channel because that is far from perfect but with time Which I have little Of; I will have it up and running prior to the documentary and also #TimeToCook

So keep popping on and see what’s new and also keep an eye on #belindatravelstheglobe What with my suitcase almost packed ready for my trip to California. See  My Diary 2018 #Travel #Hotels #foodanddrinks #events and more, then catch my #reviews.

#California #SanDiego #PalmSprings #LasVegas #LosAngeles #Sacramento #DianaRoss #AustralianBeeGees

Follow my journey there will also be some live feeds on my Facebook @belindaconnissauthor – @belindatravelstheglobe and of course on Twitter & Instagram


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