Modern v Traditional

Modern v Traditional

When it comes to kitchen’s I’m torn between a Modern Kitchen and a Traditional Cottage/Farmhouse Kitchen.

I suppose it all boils down to where we live and the type of home we live in, as much as I do really love some of the modern kitchen’s out there I’ve longed for a cottage/farmhouse type kitchen, which would look perfect in my home.

Before, I lived in an end terraced house in a town my kitchen was a modern white and black, because I do have a love for everything white and clean. ‘It’s the OCD’

Now though I’m in a bungalow with lots of space, one of the idea’s we had was to knock through our kitchen into the garage so as to have much more space then I could have either a long farmhouse table in the middle or an island.

Then I thought it may be better to convert it into a man-cave for my hubby, But, we have now decided to convert it into a bedroom for our daughter.

Picking the right kitchen for me, takes such a long time because we are stuck with it for the forseeable future so it needs to be the right choice.

I’m looking at Howdens – IKEA And others to get inspiration but there is so much to choose from, and we woman are known for taking rather a long time to make a decision and even then sometime we kind of think Oh, ‘maybe I should have gone for the other one’ 

Feel free to send me your idea’s I have a feeling it’s going to be a long process and so many people say, ‘I wouldn’t see past Howdens’ ‘Were others are big on IKEA’

It really needs to be the right kitchen with everything I need for ‘Time To Cook’ Which I start filming towards the end of the year, so I don’t have a lot of time.


4 thoughts on “Modern v Traditional

  1. I have been renovating a house to rent out in the next couple of months. I’ve been researching homes and looking at common trends on the sales, and it seems people really prefer modern homes! My research consists of homes near the city of Atlanta, so it could just be a southern thing!

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    1. No not at all, thank you for your comment. There are a lot of people who prefer traditional however I suppose it does depend on where you live. e,g Town, City, Country etc. I do like both but as I now live in the country I’m looking for a more traditional home apposed to when I lived in a town I liked modern. I wish you well in your renovation.


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