Tabloid ‘McKinney v Anderson’

Tabloid ‘McKinney v Anderson

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Documentary by Errol Morris who profiles a former beauty queen (Joyce McKinney) on the relationship between her and ‘Mormon Missionary’ (Kirk Anderson) And who’s good looks hide a genuine IQ and criminal disposition.

While listening to this story ‘And I say that lightheartedly’ I couldn’t help wondering like so many others have, ‘What is she all about? 

This is a woman in my eyes who had it all the looks, the figure and plenty of admirers running around after her in the hope that they may become her love interest, or so they thought.

But evidently she had eyes only for one type of man and one day that type of man suddenly appeared and followed her around like a lap dog,  ‘So she says’.

As I got further into the story I began to realise what a fantasist she was or is, (And I thought my youngest daughter was a story teller)

My thoughts! This was a young woman now of a certain age, who saw a handsome young man whom she thought she instantly fell in love with, whom she thought would be her perfect partner, who would be with her for life to complete her fairytale world no matter the cost.

I heard someone say she was a great actress, only they weren’t saying it in the manner in which she thought.

No, She was indeed a great actress and a dull one at that, her body language or should I say lack of, as well as lack of emotion was plain to see, don’t get me wrong she did appear very upset in parts but there were NO tears.

Although we are told Mr Anderson’s account by the Mormon Church he wasn’t there to tell his side of the story so without his side I can’t comment on whether it was as he described or if indeed Miss McKinney is telling the truth.

She has a wonderful imagination I’ll give her that, but she may very well be telling it as it was?

Click the link to read The Mail Online Story





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