The Diary of Two Nobodies

The Diary of Two Nobodies Gogglebox Giles & Mary

WARNING May contain nuts!

Well, what can I say? I asked my hubby to buy me The Diary of Two Nobodies by Giles Wood & Mary Killen from Channel 4s Gogglebox being that other than Steph & Dom they are my other favourite couple.

What a delight, superbly well written and extremely funny, I just love them both definitely my type if I were to pick my friends.

What I found most interesting is that I see a little of Giles and Mary in both my hubby and I, Giles has the most amazing sense of humour for sure and has that naughty school boy character that my hubby has, so I feel Mary’s pain when it comes to being wound up.

I could certainly identify with most of what was written, the only difference being that Mary is of a more professional level when it comes to writing etc, whereas I’m still an armature.

I love to travel like Mary although I have more of Giles in me when it comes to socializing, my hubby is the one who likes company and good old-fashioned banter with his friends, were as I prefer my own company.

So guys if you haven’t already got the book then I highly recommend you grab yourself a copy, for those who haven’t seen Gogglebox or Googlebox as I used to call it, then I suggest you watch a few episodes before you buy the book.

Because I watch the show I was able to put myself right in the home of Giles and Mary which made the book all the more interesting for me, hence why I was able to Laugh Out Loud at some of the antics of Giles, I felt I was in the same room all the way through the book, now that’s a good read.

Available on Amazon in Print, Kindle & Audible

Happy reading guys and please tell me what you thought after.


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