Brand New | Time To Cook

Time To Cook Coming This Winter 2018

Time to cook brand new cooking with Belinda Conniss on my You Tube Channel this winter 2018, I’m going be cooking some of my specialities, good wholesome winter food that will benefit the working parent who finds it time-consuming due to work commitments to prepare and cook for the family.

Have you ever watched a television advertisement or seen in a magazine a mouth-watering meal and think, ‘If only I had the time to actually prepare and cook it?

Well, I’m going to show you how to prepare, cook and enjoy those meals, all fresh ingredients and I’ll even set my table for you too.

BUT first I’m on the lookout for my brand new kitchen which will be installed and fitted this coming summer, hence why my channel won’t begin until winter.

And what better timing with the early dark nights when after a long day at work and your so cold you just want to slip into your pj’s and relax.

Mind you I will be taking a few tips from my husband who I have to add is an amazing cook, not only is his meals mouth-watering, the preparation is spot on and the overall presentation is fabulous.

If my husband hadn’t gone into Construction he would have been a Chef, that’s how good he is.

I’m very much looking forward to ‘Time To Cook’ and hope you will all be a part of it, I will also be posting the before and after of the kitchen once we have chosen it.

I’m kind of looking for a Farmhouse/Cottage style kitchen with all the mod cons because I’m sure going to need them, I have had feedback from others on the best kitchen e,g IKEA, Howdens but to name a few, so I best get cracking.



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