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The Star Column Achievement Award 

Although this is not the original because my original one is still in storage along with my certificates gained through the years and still waiting my unpacking to be placed in my new home.

The Star Column Achievement Award was presented to me back in early 2000s  for recognition of my sales with Avon UK.

Yes, I was and probably still am one hell of a sales woman, it’s one of my qualities having the gift of the gab.

No really, joking aside about the gift of the gab, or am I? I have always excelled above and beyond when it comes to sales.

Back in the early day, ‘I know that makes me sound extremely old’  😉 Oh, and did you notice how much I love an Emoji? Trust me I look a lot younger than I actually am.

Anyway back to sales, so I have worked in Retail, the Travel Industry, Brewery Industry  and in Manufacturing all which were sales based.

After studying Business Management at College I got into Training & Development which I have to add I love, then along came my youngest two daughters.

I also studied Phycology, Spanish and Hairdressing and gained certification on all, so yes, I’ve got my teeth into a few pie’s over the years.

And I don’t feel ready hang up my coat just yet, although I’m busy writing and blogging I’m always on the lookout for a new challenge, it’s what keeps me sane in this otherwise crazy word.

My girls are grown up now, two still in their teens, so that leaves plenty of opportunity for me to travel etc, and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

I am currently in the middle of setting up a Brand New Monthy Magazine (All will be revealed soon) Which I hope to launch by summer 2019 along with some other surprising ventures or should that be adventures? Watch this space!

So for now I hope you are enjoying my blogs there is so much more to come (Keep an eye on my business pages) I had recently helped someone out with some new start business advice which proved to be very rewarding to him, ‘he was about to throw in the towel’

So I have decided to put my knowledge of the business world, more so for those starting out to good use, there’s no good me sitting on what could potentially help others now is there?


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