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‘Work With Me’

Disclaimer Policy

Products and or services that I recommend and or review are such that I have tried and or tested unless I state otherwise.

Including products I receive as compensation for the said reviews, I will maintain full disclosure policy for any sponsored content.

I write all content and reviews on unless otherwise stated.

I will test/try each product/service/brand throughly and give my recommendations to the very best.

I am an independent owned blogger and the reviews, expressions and opinions are entirely my own, unless otherwise stated.

‘If you would like to use my services and have your company, business and or brand included on my Website with regular promoting by me Belinda Conniss at then please feel free to contact me’

Please remember that with the high volume of emails I aim to reply to emails within a 48 hour period otherwise please inbox me on Social Media for a quick response.


© insideoutlastyle/Belinda Conniss 2015 All Rights Reserved

(PERUSE Official Launch 2019)

Welcome to PERUSE

PERUSE is now a seasonal online magazine published by Belinda Conniss (Editor) and will be available to read via PDF.
PERSUE will cover many topics which include television, film, theatre, music, travel, photography, news, celebrities and much more.
Belinda, based in Scotland and who travels globally will this year be bringing you informative and inspirational features on many subjects as well as celebrity news and possibly future interviews.
PERUSE, is looking for YOU! The readers to get involved through-out this year and beyond, I will be looking for amateur and or professional photographers who would like to take this opportunity to have another platform, who will have the chance for their best shots to feature on the front cover of seasonal/occasional issues.
If you are a writer who has their book coming out and would like to have it advertised in PERUSE then this is your chance, get in touch.
If you are an actor, producer/director and you would like to talk film/documentary or anything relating to movies then drop me a message on FB/Twitter and or Instagram or call me. (Number on it’s way).
If you are a singer/songwriter and or group get in touch if you would like to have your next single/album featured.
I can/will include LIVE interviews with any of the above, this is another great way for you to get your film, music and or book noticed.
All this including features are FREE of charge. A REGULAR spot and or travel will of course be yours for a SMALL FEE and when I say small I mean small, This will cover administration and or travel costs’.
Back in 2018 I uploaded a trial of PERUSE while I worked on the official launch, now I bring you many more pages while working on an App that can be downloaded in App Store in the near future.
So that’s it! PERUSE will be available on the last Friday of each season with the next Issue out in Dec 2020 Click on the highlighted links below.
➡️ Peruse
You will also find me here ⬇️
PERUSE & Website Disclaimer
Some names and identifying details may/can be changed to protect the privacy of individuals in cases of delicate information, However, they will be required to produce documentation to prove their story to avoid legal action.
PERUSE/Belinda Conniss will make every effort to ensure that the information in the said magazine to be correct at the time of press, PERUSE/Belinda Conniss does not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any loss, damage or distribution caused by errors or omissions unless PERUSE/Belinda Conniss has been negligent.
PERUSE/Belinda Conniss advises individuals who wish their story to be submitted do so on the condition that it is FACT and will NOT cause harm to any other individual.
Photography MUST be your own work and NOT taken from the Internet or copyrighted photographers.
PERUSE/Belinda Conniss can/will save a page/s for writers who wish to publish their short fiction stories and or poems, no payment will be paid to those published as PERUSE is a free magazine.
Under no circumstances shall there be any material published that incites racial discrimination, discrimination against religion, discrimination against sexual orientation or anything that may cause harm to others.
PERUSE/Belinda Conniss WILL NOT publish photos of children under the age of 18 on their own under any circumstances.
Photographs can however be published of children if it is with their parents/family with a related story.
PERUSE/Belinda Conniss will include and email a copy this disclaimer to all who wish their story to be told, their book, their film/movie and or music to be advertised. (Please reply to the said email with your consent) This also includes live interviews and or a regular spot in the magazine.
Any written stories, advertisements, photography and or other will be published by PERSUE/Belinda Conniss Any photography, advertisements and or other submitted by other individuals will be credited to them.
© PERUSE/Belinda Conniss 2020 All Rights Reserved



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