‘And so the journey begins’

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be traveling to Munich the first of my next leg of #BELINDATRAVELSTHEGLOBE (See Diary 2017/18).

I’ll be adding to my Diary my travel plans for 2018 so stay tuned, but back to Munich.

With an abundance of cultural attractions I’m most looking forward to the Christmas Market, which they say is amazing I’m also looking forward to the photo opportunities I’ll have not to mention the history.

If all goes well I may go back on Oct 2018 for the Beerfest also known as Toytown Why? I hear you ask, because many of the glitter elements of urban living e.g litter, dirt and crime seem to be absent according to (Jeanette Griffiths of The Telegraph) the hotel looks amazing which I will reveal when I’m over there as I will be rating my overall stay.

Flying over with an airline I haven’t used before so I’ll let you all know my thoughts on them too, and of course the food through-out my visit.

Belinda x

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