Perfection #writersretreat

Writers Retreat

‘Explore your thoughts, put pen to paper and watch the transformation’

What’s your idea of the perfect retreat? As writers we all know that writing takes time, imagination and if and when possible uninterrupted peace.

Mine would have to be a cottage in the highlands of Scotland or similar in the south of Ireland.

Being a busy housewife and mother it’s almost impossible to write more than two chapters at any one time, there’s always something that takes you away and interrupts the moment.

However I’m making it my mission to either finish my forthcoming novel ‘Dear Diary’ Due for release in the summer 2018 or start my new one in a cottage exactly as I’ve mentioned.

While I’m on the subject of Books I am writing a Children’s book which will be ready in time for #ChildrenInNeed2018 with ALL proceeds going to the ‘Children In Need Charity’ The Book is Called ‘Pudsey & Friends’ Which will be available on Amazon and in my Shop on my Facebook page:

As well as this I will be selling raffle tickets far and wide for the chance to win a signed copy of ‘Dear Diary’  I will go live on Facebook on the night of Children In Need , there will be three tickets drawn.

But that’s not all, there may be something else happening or could it be that someone special will draw the tickets? That my friends you will have to wait and see, so keep your eyes peeled and your ears open and watch this space.

Belinda x

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