How They Lived


‘How They Lived’ Chirk Castle, North Wales.

There’s a certain kind of opulence when you visit old castles around the world, my visit to Chirk Castle, in North Wales. (Second Visit)

There are several thoughts that came to my mind as I walked around the gardens and then stepped inside to allow it to take me back in time.

Luxuriousness, Sumptuousness, Lavishness, Richness, Splendour, Grandeur what would you call it?

There is an abundance of beauty in and around the old place which had me imagine being there back in the day, The main room (The Saloon) was probably the biggest room there with a mix of richly coloured paint surrounding the walls each with its own theme the ceiling being the main focal point.

I’m not a fan of murals or faces coming out of walls or ceilings but I guess back then it was all the rage and I suppose like the photo colleges we have on our own walls, although I highly doubt anyone would want them looking down on us from the ceiling?

I could just imagine the grand balls they had in this room everyone sat around the edge of the room with their crystal glasses almost filled with only the best wines and campaign.

The ladies in their long evening dresses dancing with the most handsome and finely dressed men.

I would have loved to have been there during this period in time, I then moved on to the carefully preserved traditional bedroom, with its four-poster bed, old fireplace and even a table were one could sit and read.

It was an old-fashioned room tastefully done with Nineteenth century indulgence of what would have been only the best for the rich folks that dwelled there.

The room was obviously decorated to create comfort by simple means, I would have been so warm and cosy in a room like that sat by the fireplace with a book in one hand and a glass of something nice in the other.

The floorboards in some of the rooms looked cold and uninviting to me but again back then it would have been the thing so to speak, it would though have had very large extravagant rugs that would have sat in the middle of the floor creating a warm environment to retire.

If you compare then and now then history is certainly repeating itself, we may not have the floorboards but we have the parky flooring and we do have the rugs bang in the middle of the floor.

Much of the nineteenth century has gone only to return in retro fashion, I do like that but not so sure that I would purchase some of it, I wonder how many people would live in such grandeur now though? or would they turn their nose up at the old look?

The designers and decorators during this period absolutely had an eye for detail as you look closely at the decor and the way in which the colours just seem so go together in a steady flow of what some would call dark and cold somehow manage to compliment each other. Every wall, every ceiling and all the accessories certainly have a story to tell.

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