Where Has The Time Gone?

Where has the time gone?

I’m not sure about everyone else but for me time goes by way too quick, or is it just an age thing?

Only a few weeks ago I was down in Wales and it seems since I came back the time has gone super quick, especially the weekends hence why I haven’t had time to ‘Blog’ I really need to pull my finger out.

Talking of Wales, I love people watching don’t you? I say its my special unique skill, I call it ‘observation of the human form’ 😉 My husband calls it ‘Plain Nosy’ Ye, I suppose he is right.

The train was at one point late, I hate bad time keeps. Me, I’m never late I’m either bang on time or early so If I can be on time then everyone should be on time unless your dog has been run over by a ten ton truck. (Only kidding).

So I get off at ‘Warrington Bank Quey’ or ‘Alien Nation’ as I like to call it, no offence to those who live there it’s just that every time I have to change at that station I get some random who will try to strike up a conversation, and this time was no different.

Picture the scene, drunk man, very drunk man standing talking to the station guard, I go up to the guard to make sure my train is still on time to Chester.

The drunk man tells me, ‘You have a sexy accent, will you marry me’? I’m off like a rocket laughing my A.. off as you would, I mean what can you say to that?

I then go down the lift to the toilets, and by the way I HATE to use public loo’s unless I’m ready to burst, I won’t.

So I go to wash my hands and I jump back in shock, WT, I say to myself I’m not that fat, I look again only to realise They must be using those mirrors like they have in the circus that make you odd-shaped and look HUGE.

I’m now on the way to WH Smith for a magazine to read on the train as I walk past a charity table selling books and what’s the first book I see ‘Super Skinny’ by now I’m feeling rather paranoid I mean is that a sign or what? Not a chance I like my curves and no offence to those super skinniest but I really don’t want to look like a (Jockey’s Whip).

So I’m back on the platform and I’m ‘Observing The human Form’ What is it about Scotsmen? I can spot them a mile away, they have this look don’t they? or again is it just me? As soon as he opened his mouth, I was right.

I can pretty much tell 8 out of 10 people’s  nationality just by looking at them, Gosh, that sounds terrible just goes to show how nosy I am, Lol. If I were in a classroom I would be given top marks for observation. (Just Messing)

Although I do unfortunately have a lot to do besides blog daily I still have a couple of books to read and review, as well as write more of my own forthcoming book ‘Dear Diary’ Due for release summer 2018.

Right now I’m having some decorating done again in time for Christmas ‘Few’ I said that to myself without stopping for breath. Lol

Actually I’m getting rather excited about Christmas (The first in our new home). Normally by now I have all my Christmas shopping done and wrapped by the end of August and all my cards done usually by the beginning of Dec.

Last week I attended the funeral of my high school friend Moira, it was such a shock to hear that she had passed away and extremely emotional on the day.

42 Years we had known each other so it was a shock to many, I have to take my hat off to her Son’s her Brother, and her Father who done her proud.

I won’t forget Moira in a hurry that’s for sure, she passed away the day after my birthday although I didn’t actually hear about it until a few days after, I wrote her a special poem which was included in the order of service.

I was extremely honoured to be asked if it could be used. Rest In Peace Moira, you will never be forgotten.

So what’s next? Well, I’m off to Munich in Dec first time I have visited and very much looking forward to it. You can click on ‘My Diary’ For more information and I look forward to Blogging about the experience.

Oh, And the featured photo, I just had to show off my flower arrangement which I love, watching the process of the flowers opening up from day-to-day was such a pleasure and even better while the sun was shining. I really need to do flower arranging more often I miss it.




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