#Music Lovers #speaker

This is the perfect gift for you’re kids this Christmas, tall and slim enough to fit in the corner of any room and even the adults can use it too.

We have come a long way since the old radio gram so I’m pretty sure you’ll love it.

I bought this for my daughter last Christmas and she loves it, although I will say at first I got the fright of my life when I realised just how loud it can go.

However it’s safe to say it’s used for get together by her father and I, yes, we love it too technology has come a long way.

I definitely recommend it, the fact that its bluetooth has its benefits cause if you’re in the shower you don’t have to run to play the next song with just the touch of a button it’s all there.

  • Perfect for parties or relaxing with your favourite albums and artists every day, just add this Intempo tower speaker to your home.
  • Pair your smart phone, tablet or MP3 player using the versatile AUX-in function or via Bluetooth for conveniently cordless sound.
  • Measuring at 18 x 16 x 100 cm, the tower speaker has a sleek design which will fit into the smallest corners and spaces in your home.
  • With outstanding sound quality, the speakers are essential for entertaining friends and family at parties and special occasions.
  • The sturdy wooden exterior is wonderfully durable and has a contemporary black and grey finish to easily match any setting or style.


Intempo EE1002 Bluetooth Tower Speaker, Black/Grey


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