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‘Where Water Flows Grass Grows’ by Belinda Conniss

Now available On and all other Amazon sites across the pond. The book is abvailable in two cover versions and available in print and Kindle form.

This book of poetry is in part dedicated to all sufferers and those who suffered during the Mother and baby homes not only in Ireland & Scotland but around the globe.

With reference and thanks to Mary Lawlor without her friendship I wouldn’t have known about the sad events that took place in some of those homes, also with thanks to all the incredible people I had the opportunity to meet while in attendance of the Sean Ross Abbey Commemorations.

I had the opportunity to not only talk with those who had some connection to the homes but to also meet and talk with Philomena Lee (An incredibly inspirational woman) and her daughter Jane.

I had previously watched the movie ‘Philomena’ Which touched my heart as I’m sure it did so many others. I’m not so sure that I would have the same strength that Philomena has to forgive those who sold her son Anthony (Michael Hess) A man of two nations and many talents to an American family.

Having said that Anthony had a loving family and a happy upbringing before his untimely death. Ref, included in the book.

Whats up next?

I’m now writing a full length novel rather than a short story See ‘The Empty Swing’ available on Amazon.

’Dear Diary’ Will be available in 2018 you can read the introduction in Coming Next in the drop-down catagories

Where Water Flows & Grass Grows






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