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New to my website…

Coming to my website in the near future ‘Advertising & Promotions’ Everything from fashion to Interior Design, which will include links with all the information needed to keep you updated.

I am also working on a new monthly magazine due to come out in summer 2019 packed with all sorts, read all about it by clicking ‘Achievements’ at the bottom of my Website.

So with that I am happy and willing to give you coverage on my website for a small fee and or, in exchange for a free sample. Remembering I must keep within the guidelines of Google and any other were rules apply in advertising.

If you would like to work alongside me then inbox me on Twitter Facebook or email me at the following:

About me:

I am a new indie author/writer I have published six Books to date, Right now I am writing my first full length (Novel) ‘Dear Diary’ Due for release summer 2018.

I also love photography and although I’m not a professional photographer I do love taking photos of the beauty that surrounds me. So keep an eye open for some beautiful photos that I have yet to upload.

Other than my writing and photography, I like to focus on Lifestyle, Interior Design, Fashion and Celebrities. I like to know who is doing what in celebrity life, e.g If they are providing a service other than singing and acting that benefits the public then I will write about it.

Example; Alex Reid and Calum Best I have also purchased and reviewed products by Kelly Hoppen Interior Designer .

I travel quite often so it’s no surprise that I like to have my say on where I go, how I travel, where I stay and what I eat. So yes, I’m a little of a travel/food critic and cleanliness has to be my top priority.

It doesn’t matter what mode of transport I take, which hotel I stay in or what I have ordered to eat, If I receive bad service, your hotel is not clean or I eat not so good food then I will won’t be long in reviewing you, so be warned.

My Vlogging has had to take a back seat for now but I will be ‘On It Like A Rocket’ very soon with lots of footage I will be talking about various subjects, reviewing brand products and answering any questions to the related topics.

Although I am relatively new to the world of writing I do have an eye for a good book so if I read yours I will review it good or bad.

Some of the books I have read and recommend.

You Never Said Goodbye by John McArdle

The Little Greek Girl by Anastasia Miaoulis

The Lost Child of Philomena Lee by Martin Sixsmith

King of Clubs by Terry (Turbo) Stone

The Locked Ward by Dennis O’Donnell

Can You Hear Me Now by Angela McCrimmon






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