Coming soon: ‘Dear Diary’

DEAR DIARY by Belinda Conniss


Living in Los Angeles wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, in fact I would say it was pretty dire most of the time.

Being married to Hollywood’s biggest actor gave me all the finer thing in life, but it didn’t give me the one thing most woman desire, love.

Sure a lot of woman wanted the expensive cloths, the beautiful home, the smart car,
and all the things that came with the Hollywood way of life, but most were pretty miserable.

My life was no different, my only solitude was to disappear into the Hollywood hills every day to write in my diary what a miserable existence I had, keeping my husbands secret was my biggest downfall and Hollywood’s biggest scandal when it came to light.

Note from the author:

‘Dear Diary’ (Novel) Will be full of surprises which includes not only sex, drugs & rock n roll but adultery, prostitution, gambling and MURDER – (Read closely and visualise the scene, only then will you discover a dangerous dream)

If you scatter thorns, don’t go barefoot. ~~ Italian Proverb

Other publications by Belinda Conniss. Non-Fiction  Sad, Lonely & A Long Way From Home – Secrets & Lies  

‘Poetry’ Tears On My Pillow

More recently the first of fictional short stories recently published  The Empty Swing

Due for release in the next couple of weeks my second and last book of Poetry ‘Where Water Flows & Grass Grows.




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