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Victoria Apartments 89 Wilton Road, Victoria London, SW1V 1DN

Most people I know myself included enjoy getting away and having time to just relax and take it all in right? Well I took it all in all right!

I was fortunate enough to be invited by Amar Adatia, Film Director & Producer of films such as, ‘Gangsters, Gamblers & Geezers’ and ‘Dangerous Game’ To the Premiere of his latest film ‘Retribution’ 

Who wouldn’t be excited? I was extremely excited to be asked and just couldn’t wait for the screening tonight 5th Sept 2017 Also the release date in the shops too.

I traveled down to London on Virgin Trains, absolutely the best train company as far as I’m concerned and if your fortunate enough to travel first class as I was even better.

I then arrived at Kings Cross and headed for the tube to Victoria five stops away so it was relatively quick, and thankfully the apartments weren’t that far away from the tube.

The night before I left I had an email with instructions on how to get there including how to access my room should I be arriving after 6pm.

The instruction quoted as this: Use the code to enter the offices **** once inside you will see fifteen mail boxes, mine was number * Use code **** To remove the key then use the following code to enter the stairwell **** then go up two flights of stairs and your room number *

So after reading and printing the email I thought to myself, ‘This is all a bit strange’

I then decided to check them out via other websites e.g Tripadvisor & Bookings.com I booked via eBookers. I was gob-smacked to say the least.

Not one recommended comment had I read, still I thought I will still book in here as I had already paid for it and surely it can’t be that bad, Can it?

So I arrived outside what I would call a shop front window or a run down real estate office, bad I know, but that is exactly what it looked like and I’m not going to tell you otherwise.

I entered the office and there was a lady and a gentleman sat behind the desk, I gave them my name and they proceeded to tell me to use the code for the stairwell and go up to the second floor where my room was.

Cracks on the walls on the way up the narrow staircase with dirty carpets I was now feeling a little apprehensive, however once I entered the room It didn’t seem that bad.

Granted it most definitely wasn’t as they showed online but hey ho! it was somewhere to sleep, it was reasonably clean but could have been better.

I sat on the bed to send a message home to say I had arrived and was safe, and all of a sudden a RAT, yes, you read right a baby RAT had scurried in front of my feet and went under the wardrobe.

At this point I was shaken and decided there and then I was NOT going to stay at this property, then I heard it make a noise which reduced me to tears.

I picked up my case and locked the door and returned to the office, I told them I refused to stay there, they asked me why?  and I told them through tears, for which I felt quite ashamed, the lady said to me I’m so sorry I will give you another room I told her no it was not happening and left.

I then went to three larger hotels nearby to see if I could book a room unfortunately there were either no single rooms or they were way to much just for the two nights I needed.

There were other small establishments nearby but if the Victoria was RAT Infested then the others MAY have been too I thought?

So sadly I had to return to Kings Cross and get the next train back to Scotland.

I spoke to Amar and made my apologies, I was glad he understood and take my hat off to him after all he did invite me to the Premiere. An absolute gentleman much respect to him.

I have in the past stayed at some dodgy places but none as bad as this, this is another reason why I have taken up #BELINDATRAVELSTHEGLOBE Not only to talk about the beauty that surrounds us, but to talk about good hotel accommodation & food and to give them the respect they are due for providing a good service.

But here this, too many individuals are taking to submitting their own reviews on their otherwise run down hotel’s bad food/service etc but no more.

When I and many others travel either by boat, car, bus or plane we expect a level of service for the money that we pay.

If we eat at your establishment we expect food hygiene to be more that just edible we expect food hygiene to be 100% no tummy bugs no unwashed lettuce but to name a few.

If we pay good money cheap or not and yes, I know you get what you pay for but what we don’t expect is to be handed the keys to a room that has creaky beds, cobwebs in the corners or on the light fittings, we don’t expect to be washing in a toilet that is not pristine, and we definitely don’t expect to be sleeping in a RAT INFESTED HOLE.

If your running a bad establishment and it’s filthy then I’m going to EXPOSE you warts and all, If you are going to take my or anyone else’s money then CLEAN UP YOUR ACT.

I will be checking into many hotels in the course of the next couple of years, And I will be eating your food and I wont always be using my pseudonym, I will be blogging about where I’m going but I won’t be blogging which hotel/restaurant I will be staying/eating until I’m there.

Thirty or so years ago I was a Market Trader I staying in London regular (Notting Hill) Now that was back in the 1980’s back then I rented a bed sit and if I got up to use the toilet I would find hundreds of cockroaches scurrying around which is just filth, this is the 21st Century and still this goes on what on earth is happening?

I know that there are many run down and out pure filthy places all over the country/world. What are the Government doing to help those who live in such conditions? But more to the point what are business’s doing to eradicate such filth?

I’m not by any means saying that people just don’t care because there are people who try their best not to have this in their homes/business’s but what excuse have businesses got? Health and Food Hygiene should be top priority no matter if you are in the hotel industry or the food industry so those who have that laid back careless attitude best get it together or their business is going to go down the pan along with the filth.

Note; This blog/review is in no way bad mouthing or discrediting all business’s involved in the travel, hotel or food industry, it is however exposing those who know and are aware that their business is affected by such issue’s.

I will bring to light those establishments because I cannot review such as a great place to stay/eat while people pay good money only to find that those good reviews they read are indeed the complete opposite.





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