The White House, Roscrea, Co Tipperary. Ireland

There was nothing bad about the landlord nor the food at the White House in fact the landlord was very welcoming and couldn’t do enough for his guest’s, the food was amazing top marks to the chef.

If you ever go there for a meal definitely ask for the home-made shepherds pie with chips and veg on the side.

The only complaint I had the accommodation, I don’t know who was adding the reviews to Tripadvisor but they were way off the radar, one comment I read stated that the White House seemed to have undergone some renovations.

Eh, I thought, not so. there was no door on the wardrobe in my room and the shelf inside had been broken and did not look like they had tried to fix it, then there was the bunker in which the tea & coffee etc sat, the front of the bunker was literally hanging on the floor.

The wooden bed was most uncomfortable it creaked at every opportunity every time I moved in bed it woke me up, the walls are so thin the guy next doors snoring sounded like he was lying right next to me.

The bathroom was tiny as was the shower which meant I couldn’t turn around without banging my elbows, it wasn’t the cleanest bathroom either but I have been in worse.

I was taken across the street to the rooms, and when I saw the front door which was boarded up with a wooden panel on the one side. I was kind of worried that either it was a very rowdy area or they had a bit of bother there maybe even a break in?

Overall I would give the White House a 3 out of 10 simply on the accommodation as for the welcome and the food I couldn’t have asked for better.

The walk around that little old town was really lovely with plenty of to see, but for a Friday night it was unusually quiet probably around six people out and about doing a charity cycle.

So, would I go back to Roscrea? Yes, absolutely but I will return to Sli-Dala Bed & Breakfast when I do.

See my review on Sli-Dala next.

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