Coming Together In #Solidarity



Sean Ross Abbey Commemorations. Roscrea, Co Tipperary, Ireland

You know they say ‘Do Not Judge Me, Unless You Have Walked In My Shoes’ and boy there has never been a truer saying that’s for sure.

On Sunday 27th August 2017, I attended the Sean Ross Abbey Mother & Baby commemorations held in Roscrea, Co Tipperary and what an emotional day it was.

This year was the fourth such commemorations, unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the first three due to being out of the country, however I made no plans for this year so that I could be there.

I was sent a link back when it became public knowledge that there were remains of babies/children found in a septic tank back in Ireland so of course I followed the story which led me to Sean Ross Abbey, with I might add a broken heart.

The more I heard the more I felt the pain of all those who have and still do suffer at the atrocities that took place back then.

There have been some protest over the commemorations/remembrance of those who suffered and those still living to tell the tale, which has made me wonder just how they can sweep it under the carpet as if it were something and nothing?

I spoke to several people who had their own story to tell and it made me quite tearful at times, so many people have not only lost their child through death but them being shipped out to families many across the pond.

What gave those involved in this horrible, cold and evil act the right to take a child from their mother and think that it was normal practice because she was a (In their words) Fallen woman?

Who made those involved Judge & Jury in deciding what was right for the mother of that child?

And who in their right mind would take a child who had died and put them in a septic tank? Harsh words I know, but that’s exactly what it was.

We can all sit back and feel sorry or pity for what happened, but that isn’t going to make what happened any lighter on the broken hearts of the mothers or the relatives of those who suffered.

Those that knew and or were involved should be brought to court and made to admit what they done and hold their hands up, they need to say sorry and admit that this should never have happened.

This is about the corruption, ill-treatment, pain, sorrow, deaths and much more besides. They should hang their heads in shame.

I met Philomena Lee who is such a remarkable lady, if you haven’t yet watched her story then you should, Philomena’s story is just one of many that highlights what happened back then when she had her own son taken from her and she went on to search for him with the help of her daughter Jane an inspiration to many as is her mother.

Philomena is a very forgiving lady, I’m not sure that I could be so forgiving in those circumstances but I would like to think that I could. ‘The Lost Child of Philomena’

There are many people who simply cannot forgive and I really don’t blame them but I take my hat off to those who have.

Sean Ross Abbey is not about having revenge it’s about having the right not only to remember loved one’s and have a place in which they will rest but to have named graves for those who have died.

The people of Roscrea and other parts of Ireland have the right to have documentation handed over to them, instead it is being kept from them which only leads to the conclusion that there is much more being kept secret?

I/We will continue to support the rights of the people who have suffered and are still suffering.

The graves of an unknown number of mothers and Babies are sadly located in unmarked areas known as ‘Angels Plot’

The story also unfolds at Tuam, in Galway and I have to admit it does leave me wondering how many more of these mother & baby homes MAY be just like them?







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