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Lhasa Apso Dogs

When it comes to dog’s I’ve had a few over the years, as a child I had my white Collie with the black patch on his one eye, I loved him then at age fourteen he had to be put down due to illness.

It wasn’t until I had my oldest daughter that I had another dog, a black Labrador who sadly is no longer around, then around twenty – five years ago I had two Patterdale Terriers, loved them but no longer part of my life.

Since my two younger daughters were toddlers they wanted a dog, I told them no because we travelled so much and explained just what a handful dogs can be, your time is not your own and it’s hard work.

I always told them when your older and we stop travelling as a family and when we move to the home we wanted, e,g  A bigger home and more towards the country, then we could have another dog.

So here we are, now living practically in the country in a one level more spacious home, we now have not one but two dogs.

Rosie & Dawson are Lhasa Apso’s the most beautiful of dogs I have to say, and yes it’s very hard work alright, almost feels like I’ve had another child (If Only) 😉 it’s hard because they are only eight weeks old, and they take some looking after.

It’s only been five days since we brought them home and already I am feeling it, extremely tired and feel like my time is not my own, however it won’t be long before they can go out for proper walks.

Right now it’s like potty training your up constantly taking them outdoors, but by the third day we have them going to the door looking to go out already, happy days, Right?

It’s not all happy days right now though because I’m off to the vets later with them both, one is having trouble with doing the toilet and the other has a temperature she has been sick twice and has blood in her stools, so there you have it, all you kids out there just remember you have a lot to consider before badgering your parents for pets.

My girls are great with them, but they too can now see why all those years we had to say no dogs, until you are old enough to take responsibility for them.

‘It’s a true saying ‘A dog is not just for Christmas’ They take up a lot of your time, you need to have patience and your daily routine can become stressful and unbearable at times.

Just remember that when the initial training part of it is over its most definitely worth  all the hard work. Just look at these two what is there not to love.

Belinda x

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