How Do You Choose?


Wedding Flowers Photo Credit: Interflora

Most Asked Questions:

When should you start thinking about your wedding flowers?

Where should you look for inspiration?

What flowers should you choose?

How can you make your wedding bouquet really personal?

Just some of the questions that you may ask yourself and trust me there are heaps more.

But the most important question everyone wants the answer to is, ‘How can I make the most of my budget?

If like me you have the ability to create and plan your own wedding from the guest list right down to the favours, then on you go.

I had a budget, I have imagination and I have the ability to create so I planned my own and I have to say it was worth every bit of the £2,500.00 I set myself, ok it wasn’t a celebrity style wedding but it was created by me and enjoyed by all.

I done all my own Favours, Order of Service, Flowers and even the flowers in the Church, although I was fortunate enough to have a friend who is a photographer who also supplied and drove the Wedding Car, (Great Prices). If you would like to see some of Knightshades Photography and require prices click the link. ➡️ Knightshades Photography

For those who aren’t able to do those things especially the flowers then I highly recommend Interflora.

Not only do they pay huge attention to detail they will help you every step of the way, including table settings and their flowers are beautiful. ➡️  Interflora


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