#Conflict In The #MiddleEast


Photo Credit: Gaza Sky 1 You Tube.

The first time I visited East Jerusalem was back in 2011 and my first thoughts were, what a beautiful city but I couldn’t help asking myself why all this conflict?

I always knew of the conflict between Israel and Palestine but like most people because we don’t understand and the fact that it’s in a completely different country we tend to think ‘Let them get on with it, its none of our business’

That was a teenager talking back then, I wasn’t much interested in history but boy I sure am now.

The United Nations; who I might add do an amazing job in all the countries they are based in and trying to help.

I say trying, which is wrong what I meant was who they do help, unfortunately there are some who just won’t take that help, bearing in mind that the Government have a big part to play in the reasons behind a lot of the conflict in many countries as we all know.

There is one thing all in the Middle East have in common and that is to have peace, but until they come to an agreement that is never going to happen certainly not for the foreseeable future.

(The sad reality is the divide between religions , land and who has the right to be there, who does have that right? I don’t believe that any one religion nor nation has the right to move into another’s man’s land not when it has been in his family for generations)

The thing is, the Government round up the ammunition then sit back while other fire the bullets or in this case the rockets, killing innocent men, woman and children and for what?

However I did go back there a second and a third time, Why? Because I love it there, there is so much beauty not to mention the history of two thousand years ago, and the people are so friendly.

I visited Ramallah, Jericho the Dead Sea and the Mount of Temptation amongst others.

Then I went to Bethlehem, I cannot begin to describe just how beautiful it is there and yes, I most certainly would go back again and again.

Fast forward to the third time I went there, by now I was used to being stopped and having to explain why I was there, having to show ID and all that.

Now I’m going to talk about the Palestinian people and the Israeli people.

Most people shout and rant about the way the Palestinians treat the Israelis, and yes, its true there is animosity between the two, but listen most ordinary people whether Israeli or Palestinian DO NOT want this conflict, they want to get on and live in peace.

Now I’m going to tell you a little story, and it will shed some light on why there is fighting amongst the people.

Let’s just say wherever you live that you are a working man earning a good living either as an employee or an employer, you have two or three children and your wife or parents keep a good loving family home, all lovely and cosy.

You go to bed fall asleep then in the middle of the night your front door is being banged down there are soldiers running around shouting to tell you get up get out DO NOT take any of your personal belonging.

What do you do? You have no choice but to follow orders right? Because you and your family have a GUN pointing right in your face.

You leave your home, you either go to family If you have any left; or you are homeless and in the streets children and all.

Then first thing in the morning there is a bulldozer right outside your home and the inventible happens, before you know it its home no more.

Soon after, the builders come along and start to build a beautiful new home for not another Palestinian family but a Jewish family.

What? I hear you say, Yep, its true. So there lies just one story of the many of thousands that are happening in Jerusalem as we speak.

Like I said before Palestinians don’t hate the Israeli people nor vice versa, yes, there will be some who hate each other but that’s the same wherever you go like for instance between the Scottish and the English, or the Catholics and the Protestants.

Then there is the story and countless of them, of the young seventeen year old lad who was going to pick his birthday cake up from the bakers only to be shot, the reason? Supposedly he was carrying a weapon… Which actually happened to be a Banana and yes, you read that right.

There are so many more I could tell and so much that I have seen while over there that disturbed me for sure.

I have a friend who comes from Jordan, who’s family had their Farm land taken from them which now has a wall running right through it and he has not been allowed back since.

Now, you tell me where is the justice in that?

Here’s the thing; If you go back and read your history back before and after 1947 you’ll see for yourself, the Government like in many countries are Corrupt always have been always will be, oh, and before I forget the Palestinian people don’t hate the Jewish people but they do hate how the Israeli Government think they can rule the roost and move the Jewish people into the land and homes of the Palestinian people.

And I have to mention that not all Jewish people are as ‘butter wouldn’t melt either’ the second time I was there I was traveling in a UN van and all of a sudden there was this loud bang, nearly gave me heart failure and when I turned round it was Jewish children attacking the van, because the UN are there to help the Palestinians and they don’t like that.

I’m not sure if this all started with religion then went on to land but the way I see it it’s religion, land, land religion and on and in it goes.

While you’re at it read about the Zionists, see how they have contributed to the destruction of the Palestinian people’s problems.

I watched Ross Kemp on Sky 1 when he visited Gaza what a sight that is I can tell you, my husband lived and worked in Gaza for almost a year before going to another county. It broke his heart as it did mine.

I wasn’t allowed to visit Gaza for obvious reasons, but i’m glad that Ross did to highlight just how bad it is, when he was talking to those children and one little girl explained how she watched as her fathers brains fall out and her mother lose half her face broke me in two, as I’m sure it did Ross.

Right then I wished I was there too, to take those poor children in my arms and let them rid themselves of the hurt, pain and emotions that was so pent-up inside.

I actually want to help them and others like them, and to make matters worse is this belief that they have in Islam that they go to paradise and have everything they want if they die a Martyr.

Well, I’m sorry to burst that bubble, This is paradise, heaven. Right here on the very land that we walk, and the Devil, well, he is the one stood there with evil thoughts, who kills, who rapes, who touches children, who causes destruction and has ill thoughts that’s the devil and he could be a member of your family or even a friend.

If you think and act evil, then there lies the devil. Right here, right now is heaven and we have two choices we can either follow the devil or be good on this earth and do good-by others in order to enjoy heaven.

I’m not in any way mocking anyone’s religious beliefs but I am saying think before you act, because I can assure you God, Allah or whatever name other’s choose to call him did not and does not want man to destroy what was given to us.

If you missed Ross Kemp in the Middle East you can watch it by clicking the link below.

Ross Kemp middle East Pt 1

Ross Kemp Middle East Pt 2


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