The Little Greek Girl #Review


The Author

This is my story, left as an orphan on a doorstep, brought up in Greece, in World War 2, in poverty. Then as a teenager shipped off to Scotland to live with a cruel ‘Aunt’ and ‘Uncle’ and years of hell.

Eventually I escaped and eloped and married, and I am here to tell the story.

My Review

Well, what an extremely good read and a great pleasure to do so, Anastasia ‘The Little Greek Girl’ Is the mother of a friend of mine and although I have known the family for a number of years I did not know her story.

There is an element of our private life’s that we like to keep private ‘Me Included’ But when we decide to tell our story we often think Okay, ‘Is my story worthy enough to tell the world? and does the world really want to know?

Anastasia’s story touched my heart for sure, there was one or two little things I would have changed, just minor mistakes but hey! Like myself we are far from being a Jackie Collins type of writer, right?

I feel Anastasia has a whole lot more to tell about her life but maybe some is just too emotional for her to write about, ‘maybe there will be another book? I would like to think so.

Included in the book are photos of Anastasia herself who was and is an extremely beautiful lady.

An absolute must read, click the link below for your copy.

The Little greek Girl

Belinda x

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