#StephenKing’s #Misery

Stephen King’s Misery

Ouch! Just finished watching Stephen King’s Misery which I have to add I’ve now lost count how many times I’ve actually watched it.

The anxiety while watching you would not believe even though I know what happens.

Kathy Bates is certainly an amazing actress and played her part as Annie so well, I could not imagine a remake of this movie and someone else playing that role.

James Cann who plays the part of writer Paul Sheldon with such fear and as much anxiety as I had watching it, the best part for me was the sweat from his face and body when Annie returned home from the store.

You have to hand it to Stephen King, an amazing author who never fails to keep us gripped from start to finish.

If I could write even half as good as he does I would be on top of my game.


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