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  • Sean Wilson, who played Martin Platt in Coronation Street for over 20 years, is now an award-winning cheese-maker and chef. Sean will be our guide to northern cuisine in his 4-part Channel Five series.

Highly recommended

The Great Northern Cookbook

  • – In Zilli Light, he shares his new, exciting way of life – with advice on how to eat delicious food but less of it: have large meals, but at certain times of the day; enjoy irresistible desserts but leave out another dish; and a host of tips on how to continue dining deliciously, while getting the weight off and keeping it off.Zilli Light recipes are based on the mouth-watering Mediterranean diet – with a new take. They are zesty and feisty, but with fewer calories. They are an essential introduction to anyone in search of a newer, more energetic way of life. If you want to be lighter and brighter, Zilli Light is for you.

An absolute must have
Buon appetito!

Zilli Light

Secrets and Recipes from a Mob Family’s Kitchen

  • This is definitely recommended I bought this and boy are there some real tasty treats inside. It was thanks to Lana she brought it to my attention.

Thank you Lana, Renee and Jennifer x

How To Use A Meat Clever

  • Honestly Healthy in a Hurry and The Alkaline Cure 2 Books Bundle Collection – The busy food-lover’s cookbook, The 14 Day Diet and Anti-ageing Plan. Description:- Honestly Healthy in a Hurry: The busy food-lover’s cookbook The must-have vegetarian cookbook for easy healthy recipes to cook at home. Gourmet vegetarian chef Natasha Corrett will inspire you to ditch the processed, sugar-laden foods we resort to when we’re busy, reduce food waste and actually save money. With a focus on cooking from scratch, Honestly Healthy in a Hurry contains super speedy suppers that you can make in no time; dishes that are quick to prepare and can be left in the oven while you get on with other things; and cook ahead ingredients that will prep you for a stress-free week ahead. The Alkaline Cure: The 14 Day Diet and Anti-ageing Plan Many of us feel sluggish and bloated because our diet is far too acidic. With The Alkaline Cure, Dr Stephan Domenig, Medical Director at The Original F.X. Mayr Health Center, explains how opting for more alkaline foods can help us lose weight, gain energy and feel younger. More than just a diet, The Alkaline Cure is a clinically approved plan to enhance all aspects of your mental and physical health. It includes a simple-to-follow 14-day diet plan with 40 delicious recipes that will revitalise your health, reboot your metabolism and slow down signs of ageing. Recently featured in the Mail on Sunday YOU magazine s Health section: Does Your Diet Pass the Acid Test? The alkaline approach encourages mindful eating and aside from lasting weight loss, proven benefits include: clearer skin, increased energy, strengthened immune system, reduced signs of ageing, improved metabolism and optimised digestive health.

Another of my best buys and definitely great for all us mum’s and dad’s who just don’t have the time prepare a family feast through the week what with work and all.

Highly recommended

Honestly Heathy In A Hurry

  • Inspired by the food eaten on the hit TV show Little House on the Prairie, this book offers fans comforting family recipes and childhood favourites from Laura “Half Pint” Ingalls herself. From prairie breakfasts and picnic lunches, to treats inspired by Nellie’s restaurant, My Prairie Cookbook includes all of the down-home classics viewers loved to see the Ingalls family enjoy on the show: crispy fried chicken, pot roasts, baked ham, corn bread, apple pie and easy, comforting casseroles. Eighty simple and delicious dishes are peppered with Melissa Gilbert’s own personal memorabilia from her years on the show, including behind-the-scenes stories, anecdotes and more than 100 never-before-seen treasured scrapbook images. With answers to all of the most-asked questions from fans–on topics including the biggest bloopers, on-set romances and what Michael London was really like– My Prairie Cookbook will be a cherished memento for all the “Bonnet Heads” and fans of simple, prairie cooking alike.

You’ll see in one of my earlier blogs that I brought this to everyone’s attention, just jump on to categories to read my full review.

An absolute must must must…

My Prairie Cookbook

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Belinda x

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