Belinda’s #Home & #Garden


‘Life Is Simply Better In The Country’

I have recently moved from a town to the country and boy what a difference, being back in the country really has its benefits and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

So what with moving from a three bedroom house to a four bedroom bungalow and having no stairs to climb is wonderful I have to say.

Overlooking my back garden is a farm with amazing views of a few bungalows darted here and there, not to mention the cows coming up to the fence of an evening with their moo-ing; as if to try to get my attention.

I can hear them now as I sit here and write my blog, oh and while on the subject of my blog!

There are changes going to be made over the coming day’s for instance I have dropped the insidoutlastyle at the end of my name; it is rather a mouthful so I thought it better to stick just to my name Belinda Conniss, However the Website name is still the same.

‘I’m pretty sure you all know who I am by now’

There will also be some changes to the look of my Facebook and Twitter some of which have already been added, I just hope that this time I can get it right.

Hear we go I hear you say, well I am a woman and you know what we are like, Right? We are known for changing our mind and changing the way things look and that includes ourself’s (Wink Wink)

So, what’s next I hear you say? Well jump on to ‘My Diary’ On the drop down category box and you’ll see what I’m up to over the next couple of months, and soon you will hear what my BIG NEWS! is for 2019.

Keep your eye’s peeled for my ‘Before & After’ photos of my new home, see how I have been inspired and who inspired me? I promise these will be in colour not like my Black & White photography.

Oh! Did I mention my photography? You can click the link here Belinda Conniss Photography and like I mentioned before I’m NOT a professional photographer nor do I claim to be, however I do love to take photos of beautiful places, building, tree’s etc but I don’t always post them in my colour shots, why? Because I love black and white photos.

So hang in there guy’s my blogs will get better and my overall look on my Website most definitely will be up to par soon, right now I have to concentrate on getting my second book of poetry finished as well as my novel ‘The Empty Swing’ Due for release by the end of August 2017.

Belinda x


2 thoughts on “Belinda’s #Home & #Garden

    • The back yard will be finished over the next month or so, I’m looking forward to posting them. Thanks x


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