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Belinda Conniss Author | Blogger | Host at: SOFA TALK MEDIA

Personal Tidbit:

There she was, Joan Collins I couldn’t believe my eyes as I walked towards her, and the other woman who was my double ‘How could this be? Then wallop straight into the mirror I went. (In the days before stickers were on mirrors to let people know there was a mirror)

Sister Website: SOFA TALK MEDIA


Belinda Conniss is an author/novelist who has published non-fiction, fiction and poetry.

Author of: The Empty Swing ‘The story of a child lost’ (Link Below) The Empty Swing is currently being re-writen to include Life After Lily, which will make the original short story a novel and will have a new title.

Most recent publication: Behind Closed Doors ‘The Baby Brokers’ (Link Below)

Belinda enjoys going to the theatre, traveling and is an amateur photographer. Writes articles on many subjects, while promoting those and that of interest.

Belinda’s books are available both on Kindle and Print from the following: and online shop.

Belinda is also the host at a brand new podcast & documentary channel SOFA TALK MEDIA with the first of many documentary’s in the pipeline.

Behind Closed Doors (Documentaty) Is in the pre-production stage and filming begins in April 2021.

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