Dangerous Game


Dangerous Game Produced by Amar Adatia & Calum Best. Credit to: IMDb


Dangerous Game is a supposed action packed British heist movie. When Chris (Calum Best) gets mixed up with the Russian Mafia and Algerian Gangsters while trying to help his best friend pay off a large debt, he has to decide if he puts his career on the rocks by embarking on a spree of dangerous robberies that could end up with him in prison, or possibly dead.

Okay, So I have to hold my hands up here because when I first watched the trailer the first few seconds had me thinking this was going to be a B Movie, then after that few seconds I’m thinking; ‘Actually I think this just may be alright’

First off I have to hand it to Calum Best the emotion in his eye’s could be felt right through the screen of my tv in one particular scene,  I knew exactly what he was thinking in order to get ready for that scene, those who have watched it will know what I’m talking about including the rest of the cast.

Calum plays the main character Chris Rose, (Professional Footballer) at first I kind of thought; ‘This isn’t going to work, It’s hard to imagine him in a movie’ Especially as I’ve met him and know that he is known for other things e.g Fragrence, Reality tv, Modeling and much more, but hat’s off to him because he played the part well.

Darren Day who plays Demetri I have to say played his scene really well as the Russian. Because when I realised Darren was a member of the cast I didn’t think he would cut it. He did and he did it well, well done Darren.

Alex Reid who plays the footy chairman done a little shouting which was pretty spot on as that’s how they roll in football, got to say though he really played the part well and looked pretty dapper in his suit.

Amar Adatia played the part of (Adam Chopra) The debt ridden Jack the lad, the typical roll of a friend of someone who aspires to be just like his friend, just as it is in real life.

I did have a little giggle to myself when detective Graham Crawford, played by Gary Webster came out of the station ‘Oh one more thing’ in that typical Columbo style right down to the jacket over his arm, however was nice to see him in Dangerous Game.

Overall I would recommend Dangerous Game, for me there was room for a little improvement in one or two scenes but as they saying goes!

I’ll be checking out more of Amar’s work and certainly look forward to what he brings to our screens next and the one I’m waiting for is Requiem (A suicidal girl falls in love with a fallen angel) Due for release this year.

Now to Amar & Calum, nice touch there at the end what a twist and couldn’t help the tear in my eye for Josh.

Just when I thought it was finished ‘BANG’ Totally shocked and did not expect that. Well done to you both.

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Watch The Trailer Here

My little antidote

So would I like to be invited/attend a film screening before its release? Hell ye! I need to write my reviews before and after.





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