Waterford’s Dirtiest Secret

Fianna Fail. Photo Credit: Irish Mirror

As reported by http://www.irishmirror.ie/authors/saoirse-mcgarrigle/

21 June 2017

My Thoughts

I’ll never get my head around WHY? Why individuals know/knew that his type of filth is going on yet stand back and say nothing. It breaks my heart there are so many physiologically damaged children and yet it still goes under the radar for so long. 😡

I’m not about to slag off all the people who have known about those filthy animals who have committed these awful crimes in the past, but you sure know who I’m talking about.

I will say this though, if there is anything to learn by past crimes and those involved in keeping their mouths shut then it is this.

Stand up and do the right thing, imagine if it were your child would you actually allow this to go on? Of course you wouldn’t or at least I hope you wouldn’t don’t sit back knowing that physical, or metal abuse is taking place on others the psychological damage that is being caused just doesn’t go away it will remain with the individual until the day they die.

Not to mention the guilt that will slowly eat away at you right to the core of your stomach and God help you because payback is NOT sweet.

Irish Mirror



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