Theresa May announces she wants to bring back fox hunting | The Independent

So Theresa May wants to keep this vile blood SPORT Yes! Sport because that’s exactly what this disgusting act is.

I don’t know if she has actually taken part in this or if she just wants people on side, but I for one would like to explain exactly what is involved in such a horrific sport.

I lived next to a farm many years ago surrounded by the beauty of the countryside, it was quiet and tranquil, that is until I heard that awful sound.

The sound of fifty perhaps more hounds, blood thirsty hounds that were egged on by their owners to hunt and rip apart those beautiful foxes.

Now back then coming from a city I didn’t know much about fox – hunting until that is I lived next to that farm, in the quiet countryside that I loved and called home.

So the next day I spoke to one of the locals and asked what on earth was going on, he said to me that the hounds are taken out to hunt and kill the fox, I asked why? He said to me that the farmers wanted those foxes dead, because they were killing the live stock…

I was shocked, I said to him there must be something the farmers can do to keep the foxes from getting to the live stock other than killing them, he said NO that’s was it end of conversation.

Later I found out he was one of the men who took those darn hounds out to hunt the fox, months later I spoke to someone else who also went out with the hounds and he said to me, yes that is one of the reasons we do it, but it is indeed a sport.

He said to me there is no greater feeling than taking those hounds listening to them screaming to get that fox and when they do they rip it apart and that was it was such a satisfying feeling.

Needless to say I was disgusted, I don’t know what goes on in the mind of those who enjoy this act nor do I get why they take such pleasure in seeing an animal ripped to shreds by those hounds.

It was a regular occurrence hearing those hounds and it’s a sound I’m glad to say that I no longer have to listen too.

Foxes are beautiful animals and no animal should be ripped apart for sport or pleasure.







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