Don’t be a Bully…Be a Friend Credit: Quote Addicts

Another story this morning that has me choked up and feeling I want to scream from the rooftops.

Credit to: This Morning ITV

‘Teach your children to be humble, and be kind’, says Nicola, mum of Megan Evans, who took her own life after a battle against cyber-bullies. Megan’s mum Nicola continues, ‘Words can’t be taken back, and words can kill. Try and put yourself in that person’s shoes’ 

The Full Interview

For advice & help on Bullying

This story like so many other’s just breaks my heart, I found it hard to listen to but had to because I can’t and never will be able to understand why so many children who have committed suicide due to Bullying yet the Government still do NOT seem to have anything in place to make this STOP

There is so much that can and should be done to stop bullying so why? Why hasn’t it been done long before now?

Social Media unfortunately is used for Trolling, CyberBulling or just plain nasty evilness, but yet can be a great tool too and it can and should be used to STOP all this evil.

There are so many opportunities out there for our children that can help too, one of which I am a huge supporter off (Martial Artist) Which helps so many people not just children to protect themselves as well as helping them to overcome their fear’s help with confidence issues, keeping fit but most of all bringing people together.

That’s just one, there are so many other organisations but the one thing I will say time and time again, please for the love of God teach your children from the moment they are ready to start school that they must never make a difference between themselves and other’s they have to be taught the reasons why they must never bully other children nor make another childs life a misery because they are of a different colour, religion or don’t have the latest trend in fashion but to name a few.

I am a huge believer that ALL schools should put in place within the curriculum a video that all children must watch on a regular basis that explains the consequences of bullying and why it is wrong. There should be talks in school’s from a former bully and bullied individual that can explain exactly what it was like from both sides.

Below I will add links that you can click on to get more information on several organisations (All over the UK) that will help you help your child and perhaps even your child’s school, please at least look into them and ask your children to look at them too.

Perhaps if we work together as parents and schools with our children and put into place the correct idea’s just maybe you’ll be surprised to realize that this is all our children need, is for us to believe in them and give them something to aim for.

‘I can’t emphasize enough that education begins at home with us as parents teaching our children to be sympathetic to other’s feeling, to have empathy and understanding and to befriend those who are left out or seem withdrawn’

Matt Fiddess (Martial Arts)

Anti Bullying on Twitter

We Encourage, Empower & Engage

Duke of Edinburgh


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