San Diego- Home From Home



My home from home and I love it, California’s second largest city and renowned for its idyllic climate, miles of pristine beaches Oceanside being my all time favourite.

It’s hot – It’s clean and most of all it has some of America’s finest restaurant’s and for me the best customer service.

And the shopping is great too, the best bit for me as I always come home with an extra suitcase full of goodies.

To the south, it’s a whole different country, Mexico which has its own cultural offerings in various towns along the border and coastline, including Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada.

I visited Ensenada two years ago when I done the Carnival Cruise Ship I’m not a huge fan of Cruises but I did enjoy the whole experience as well as the stop in Catalina Island on the way to Mexico.

To view some of my Best Shots jump on to my Facebook Album

Belinda 😘

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