Flying Justice For Andrew Jones From The UK To LA

Flying Justice For Andrew Jones From The UK To LA 

As I pack my suitcase for my trip to California there is one item I mustn’t forget, the one thing that has been on my mind for some time now.

Andrews Justice…

Last year after writing my review on John McArdle’s book You Never Said Goodbye and sending him the link to his Twitter account I noticed he had posted a picture holding a poster.

Something that caught my eye, #justiceforandrewjones

andrews-justice Photo Credit: Andrew Jones Sr

Of course being a woman and a nosy one at that, I wanted to read what it was about and you can too on the following link.

I was disgusted to say the least after reading the story and felt that I too would like to join the campaign for Andrews Justice.

(You can read my article ‘Justice For Andrew’ in the drop down category box)

I’m traveling to California next week and as I’m visiting various parts of the State I thought it would be a good idea to take the poster along with me, as well as leaflets I have printed with links for others to read the full story, and, just maybe get as many people on board as possible.

I will be doing Live feeds on my Twitter & Facebook So feel free to RT and Share the more people we get on board the better, lets show Andrews Parents we are behind them.

Yes, it all happened here in the U.K but you know what it happens all over the world, people being murdered and for some unfortunately justice is never served, that’s the hardest part because not only have some people got away with murder but they have left loved one’s of those lives they took with an unbearable ache in their heart that will never ever go away.

I along with many others would like to see this case go back to trial and the individual/s responsible for killing Andrew and those too who have kept quiet since the incident happened back in 2003 brought to justice.

If you have a conscience you will own up to what you done and pay for that crime and God forbid you should ever be the one that has your child murdered because the ache in YOUR heart will torture you for the rest of your life.

Many individuals including celebrities have joined this campaign if you would like more information or to join us then please do, your cooperation will be very much appreciated you can follow on the links below.

Andrew Jones Sr

Andrews Justice


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