The Odd Couple


Photo Credit: Howden Park Theatre

I said I would do my review of ‘The Odd Couple’ over the weekend but I just had to do it tonight, after the show.

Based on the popular Hollywood Movie and Television Series, this female version of Neil Simon’s light-hearted comedy tells the story of mismatched flatmates.

Florence who is recently separated from her husband, highly strung and a neat freak and Olive who is divorced and easy-going in the extreme.

Add to this a pair of macho(ish), posturing Spanish brothers, living in the upstairs apartment, who are desperately hoping for a little ‘action’ and the scene is set for some hilarious situations which test their friendship to the limit.

And Hilarious it was, I thought it was a little slow into the first ten minutes, then it started to pick up Florence played by Alison Carcas seemed like the ‘I’ve Got It All’ type until her husband dumps her then she becomes the eccentric over the top ‘How Dare He’ type add to the mix a little OCD. An extremely funny cocktail.

Then there is Olive played by Louise Fairnie your typical normal down to earth type of friend that everyone needs, that is until you rain on her parade and equally as funny as the rest of the cast.

In walks the two Spanish Macho neighbours Manolo played by Shane Whittle and his brother Jesus played by Craig Potter. What a pair they were and had me laughing so hard I was almost in tears.

Definitely one to go see, if you’re a fan of Comedy I promise you wont be disappointed.

I’m certainly looking forward to future productions from this cast, well done guy’s.


Louise Fairnie as Olive

Alison Carcas as Florence

Suzanne Smail as Sylie

Lynne Hurst as Mickey

Allyson Coleman as Renee

Gina Verker as Vera

Shane Whittle as Manolo

Craig Potter as Jesus





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