Justice For Andrew


Andrew Jones – Justice For Andrew  Photo Credit: Andy Jones (Father)

It’s been fourteen years since the death of Andrew Jones on his way home from a night out celebrating his cousin’s birthday.

Andrew was walking home after losing his friends, along Hanover Street, in Liverpool and at 3.15am on Sunday, March 9, 2003 there was an altercation which involved a group of nine individuals who got into an argument with Andrew.

It is believed that Andrew accidentally bumped into one of the individuals who then said to him ‘Just watch where you’re going’. An individual was charged with Andrew’s manslaughter, but was later acquitted.

The group was all forced to give evidence at an inquest in 2008, Coroner Andre Rebello said, the suspects would ‘leave court under a shadow because one of them was a killer’.

Manslaughter?  I don’t think so… My own thoughts are this.

The law states that if an individual is killed and it was not planned (Premeditated) in other words accidental, then it is manslaughter.

No, accidental is when you go to work something unfortunate happens that takes a person’s life, that’s accidental.

It doesn’t matter whether it was premeditated or not the very fact that the individual in question chose to throw a punch with such a blow that Andrew had fallen to the ground and hit his head on the pavement which resulted in his death is MURDER.

The very fact that in some cases such a blow to the head without falling to the ground has indeed killed people should have been enough for those involved to know better, and they could have walked away.

There is indeed a wall of silence being held, as described by Andrew’s dad, and I have to say that I understand fully his Anger, Emotion and Heartbreak.

No parent would just let that lie I don’t care who it is, the pain and suffering of losing a child in such terrible circumstances can never be erased from the mind or heart.

And it’s not just in Liverpool it’s all over the country, the world, that people lose loved one’s in this way.

I myself know of several people who have lost a child through murder and although with time it gets easier to COPE with the grief the heartache never gets easier in fact in most cases it gets worse especially if justice has NOT BEEN SERVED as in this case.

I am one of many who shows support to Andrew’s family and by the Grace of God we will see justice served.

Murder is Murder if an individual is capable of throwing a punch with such force to the head (whether that person falls to the ground or not) and it kills them then they MUST be punished, and those who were in that group must also be punished for the very fact that they know who threw that fatal punch but are choosing to keep quite.

‘The law should NOT associate (Not Premeditated with Accidental) Because there is a huge difference and we need that to change, Andrew’s case is just one of many were I and many can see that they are basically saying Andrew’s death was accidental and that is definitely not the case’. 

Just because it wasn’t premeditated doesn’t mean it’s not murder.

If you or anyone you know (including those involved in this case) Know anything, anything at all please let Andrew’s family finally put this case to bed, Then make contact in one of the following way’s.

CALL: 0800 230 0600

YOU CAN ALSO EMAIL: murder@merseyside.police.uk

TEXT:    61051 With your message and the word CRIME

CALL:    Crimestoppers 0800. 555. 111

Incident Room:  0151. 777. 8660 

You will NOT be asked your Name or Personal details and you may receive a cash reward.

Do what’s right please if you know something, anything then let it be free from your conscience, allow Andrew to R.I.P 🙏


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