From Our Future

From Our Future – S. Michaela McCool

Today my youngest daughter and I had a conversation about what her plans are for the future in regards to when she finishes school, presently she is in her fifth year and has one and a half year’s left to go by which time she will be approaching eighteen.

I know that she plan’s to either go to college or university as she is studying photography and media.

Then we got on to the conversation of school and her thoughts on the education system and I have to say she has some pretty valid points, which she has written about so I figured I would upload it to my Website.

The conversation was more in-depth to what she has written but this will give you the jest of what she feels.

From Our Future
Sinead. M. McCool

Dear School,

My experience of education has been on an up and down spiral since day one. I have had over a dozen teachers yet none have made me motivated to change my perspective on how the education system works.

I would like to make a change, in a way that a majority of students would like to see across Scotland.

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge” – Albert Einstein.

Although I’m probably not seen as ‘Mature’ or ‘Eligible’ enough for my teachers to understand that I firmly believe that no child or young teen should be forced to learn in such a harsh, boring environment in the schools that their parents chose for them.

What I am trying to say is this…

I firmly believe that there is a lack of encouragement, joy and happiness in the class environment. No child or young teen should have to be sat down for five hours a day, 5 days a week to be forced to open a book that hasn’t been updated to suit the lives we live today that is filled with technology that is advanced every year yet the education system has been the same for over 60 years.

In today’s society we don’t use some of the ‘skills’ we are taught in school, yes certain jobs require those ‘skills’ but every student is unique and has their own way or learning and adapting to subjects and may require subjects that are no longer taught because the education system says they are “useless”

Well, it is time we (Students, parents and teachers) come up with a better way to reach the minds of our future. If we keep going the way we are, we will be stuck in a loop of unqualified and clueless young adults that only know how to find what X = instead of finding new ways to live in this ever-growing society.

All we have to do is come together and fix this problem. Find new ways of teaching an Individual a skill that they are passionate about and have knowledge about and lead them in the RIGHT path to be able to pursue what they love.

I am afraid to say that not every child wants to work in a factory or office job but they want to be out there and set their minds to things and make a change.

These generations wont go anywhere if we keep teaching things that we will not need for the future, ‘we need to start focusing on their future and not your past’

Sincerely Our Future.
Sinead. M. McCool

‘The above are the thoughts and words of my daughter Sinead. M. McCool’

I would be interested to hear the views of others on this? Especially from other teenagers because for me there is certainly some points here that I think should be addressed, and I do feel our younger generation should most definitely have their say and be listened too.


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