David Robert Jones (Bowie) 8 January 1947 – 10 January 2016 Age 69 (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Tonight the BBC showed what I can only describe as a wonderful adventure down memory lane in this well put together documentary on ‘The Last Five Years’ of David Bowie’s life.

The most important visual and vocal rolled into those last five years was a great move on the part of the producers which gave an insight into the thought process behind David’s work as a singer, songwriter, actor and performer.

David a highly intelligent man who gave more than one hundred percent in everything he did, because anything less just wouldn’t do and could quite as easily been his downfall.

He did not disappoint and neither did the producers, David clearly wanted the world to know that he did give it everything he had and more but in doing so it wasn’t all about the celebrity status or the fame, not even the money.

He was a man who was dedicated to his art and pursued it right to the very end and that’s  why we loved him, we loved his music and we loved his style, so much style and that alone just shows what a wonderful artist he was.

There was unseen footage that we hadn’t seen or heard before which brought it all to life, including contributions from band members and producers, what a treat and it is clear to see they loved working with David and will truly miss him.

David had imagination and that imagination was outside the box, exactly as he would think ‘outside the box’

He had passion which was clear to see and it could be seen in his last album Blackstar, the song ‘Look up here, I’m in heaven’ Which everyone thought he had planned so that he could tell us that he wouldn’t be around for much longer, how wrong were we? Including myself.

Although we didn’t know at the time, he shot that after being told that his treatment had to end, it had clearly not worked and there was no more they could do which had me in tears.

We are three day’s away from the first anniversary of David’s death. it was a shock to the world and for some we still haven’t got used to the fact that he is gone.

The documentary was a fitting tribute to David Bowie and I’m pretty sure he will be looking down with a smile knowing he meant so much to so many people.

He was once asked how he would like to be remembered? His reply ‘For his many hairstyle’

He did indeed have amazing hair and an extremely handsome man in the latter half of his life.

R.I.P David Bowie GBNF 🙏💖 X





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