Bring Back Michael Barrymore


Mr Michael Barrymore

According to The Mirror

Former game show presenter Michael Barrymore is seeking £2.5 million in damages from Essex police after his arrest following the discovery of a body in his swimming pool.

But senior officers have offered a nominal sum of £1, a preliminary court hearing in London heard on Wednesday.

Michael said; his arrest had a ‘Devastating’ effect on his career. Credit: PA. 

I absolutely agree with Michael, not only has it affected his career it has tarnished his good name and I find that very sad, I hold out hope that those responsible for the way in which  these tragic events were conducted and reported will make an apology to Michael and publicly.

Here we have a man who the nation loved, who worked hard in providing us with good old-fashioned entertainment. (Believe me we need this again there is far too much sadness in the world) Who like the rest of us has a private life which is none of anyone else’s business.

Lawyers have said a judge will be asked to decide whether there had been ”reasonable grounds” for Michael’s arrest.

Naturally when something like this happens there needs to be inquiries made and questions asked in respect of ALL who were present on that tragic night, but to have arrested Michael or anyone else on the grounds of ‘suspicion of murder’  Without there being any indication that he was actually killed is shocking.

Yes he was in a friends flat (AFTER REPORTING THE INCIDENT) The man wasn’t thinking straight and was in shock. ‘It can happen to the best of us!

Sadly too many jump to conclusion’s in cases like this where there is a party, people are drinking and taking drugs, I mean is it possible he went into the pool fueled with alcohol which is not a good idea?

Police accepted that Stuart (According to the Daily Mail  who had been drinking, taking cocaine and Ecstasy…..

It is possible he could had gone for a swim not realising the potential consequences of that swim’ (My own thoughts)

There were also several pathologist’s who reported different reasons why Stuart died, what does that tell you? It tell’s me that none of them could conclude a verdict as to why he died and for that reason alone Michael should NOT have been treated the way he has.

I’m no expert but I will say this, unless there is 100% proof that an individual has been murdered and there is enough evidence to prove the fact and they have been officially charged then the press need to keep quiet.

Unfortunately in the case of Michael SOME of the press gave him a hard time what with the way they reported the story, it had the majority of the people finding him guilty before they knew the full story.

Remember why the Death Penalty was abolished! Too many innocent individual’s had been hung to later discover they were NOT GUILTY of the crime.

Yes I very much want to see Michael back on our screens, I also want to hear a full public apology for the way in which he was accused without absolute proof that he committed any crime but most of all I would like to see him WIN his case in suing the Police & Or the Press for the mud now attached to his name and completely ruining his career, a career that like many people was his bread and butter.

Seriously! ‘Saying that he should be given one pound? They should hang their heads in shame.

We may never know the fact’s that surround this particular case, one thing is for sure someone knows what actually happened whether foul play or not I believe Stuart is at peace.

I would like also to say to the Lubbock Family how sorry I am for their loss.

Stuart Lubbock RIP. 🙏









2 thoughts on “Bring Back Michael Barrymore

  1. Bring him back ASAP. He was stitched up mercilessly just to sell newspapers!!! I hope the current re runs of Strike it Lucky will remind viewers just what an amazingly talented guy we have missed for too long!!

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