Snow White & The Seven Wee Muppets

Snow White & The Seven Wee Muppets

unfortunately it was a NO GO! After arriving at Glasgow Central Station at 5pm I decided to go eat before catching a Taxi to the show.

I took the very short walk to the Blue Lagoon Chip Shop/Cafe a place I have had good reviews about, not to mention the hype about Justin Bieber’s past visit, at first I had to ask for directions because they have a sister chip shop just outside the station but you can’t sit in and eat.

15541351_1120765388040641_1575165563389050943_n  Framed Newspaper Report on Justin Bieber’s Visit

I was very pleasantly surprised by the food I ordered which was Chicken, Chips Mushy Peas and Gravy. A good old Scottish Dinner.

I couldn’t have got any better if I had ordered this in a Restaurant that’s how good it was, filling but not so much that it would have bloated me, not only was the food good the staff were very pleasant too.

I have only one negative though, the seating arrangement which I found to be very tight but it wasn’t too uncomfortable.

Anyway back to what happened next; The show was scheduled to start at 7.30 so by the time I got to the Taxi rank it was 7pm but to my shock horror the que was a mile long, not to worry I thought; As the Taxi’s were coming every couple of seconds.

I actually forgot just how busy Glasgow was on a Friday night and even more so on the run up to Christmas. (Lesson Learned)

I managed to get into a Taxi by 7.15 so that was plenty of time to get to Webster’s Theatre; I thought! I told the Taxi driver where I was going and to my horror he said, I don’t know where that is…

Eh! Are you serious? Why would you be driving a Taxi if you don’t know your way around?

However I explained again in more detail then he said; ‘Oh! I know where that is’ At last I thought; so I was on my way I may have just got in minutes after it started. Or would I?

He pulled up outside the theatre it was pitch dark, all I could see was the light from the end he pulled over.

I paid got out and he left, I didn’t recognise the area so I thought perhaps he has dropped me round the back of the building, so off I went round to the other side.

Again with a look of shock on my face I realised he hadn’t brought me to the right place I was outraged, I saw some people sitting and asked them were I was they said I was at the other end of town.

They explained I would have to walk to the nearest underground ten minutes away and catch the tube to Kelvinside?

By this time the show was well into the first half and I wasn’t about to carry on as by the time I would get there I would be walking in on the second half, assuming I knew were I was going as I don’t know Glasgow that well.

I had to abandon the idea and head back to the station, I walked for miles but it was worth the walk as after some time I ended up at George Square which was all lit up for Christmas and had many stalls selling trinket’s and food.

Although I was very angry at that Taxi driver all was not lost there’s always next year because in the end I had a lovely evening walking around Glasgow taking photos of  stunning buildings all lit up and George Square was beautiful.


Just a few of the photo’s above taken from walk around Glasgow.

I would also like to thank Karen Bartke for personally sending me a message on my Facebook

Hi Belinda – I’m the box office manager at Websters. I’m so sorry to hear you had trouble seeing the show last night. We still have a few seats left most nights except 23rd and 24th – if you wanted to try again we’d be happy to exchange your tickets to another performance.

unfortunately I am unable to attend another evening as I have too many commitments between now and Christmas, but this just goes to show how supportive people can be in our time of need.

Thank you kindly Karen for your generous offer I look forward to seeing you all again next year.





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